Every author loves to have feedback. Recently, over a large tub of ice cream I met up with Maya, one of my young Tarquin Jenkins fans.

Maya is a prolific reader. She’s read all the Harry Potter books and many more besides. Her mum tells me she can be found most days with her head in a book somewhere in their house.

Maya enjoyed the book, but felt there were a lot of characters introduced in the first couple of chapters and she had to recheck who they were.

The clurichauns, with Georgia Blade my pirate princess, were her favourite characters after Tarquin my protagonist. It’s funny, a lot of my readers have said the same thing; flawed, bad girls resonate with my readers.

The book’s pacing was fine. She enjoyed the fast, action thrilled ride and loved the humour, and occasional silliness.

She did not like one particular event, which dear reader, I cannot tell you about because of spoilers. But, as I had hoped when I wrote the piece, this ‘event’ spurred her on to find out more.

Would she read book two? “Absolutely,” said Maya finishing off her ice cream with a grin.IMG_6424….