Jackanory, Jackanory…

As a child, the repetition of that one word, ‘Jackanory’ heralded an hour of story telling par excellence on the BBC. Who could ever forget Kevin Turvey, Alan Bennett, Judi Dench, or Alexei Sayle and Prince Charles, reading stories in their own, special way.

Lying in the bath this morning got me thinking…Audiobooks. Should an author, having covered print and ebook formats consider an audiobook of their work? My conclusion was yes.

Alas, though I would love Kevin Turvey to narrate my book (Rik Mayall, Kevin’s alter ego sadly passed away in 2014) I would have to think closer to home. A lot of my book is about an English village and several trips back in British history. The narrator would have to be British, most probably English. Martin Freeman, Simon Pegg, or Nick Frost? Perhaps Stephen Fry was at a loose end? A quick check of my bank account put paid to bringing any of those onboard…Perhaps for a film version for Warner with JJ Abrams directing?

I digress. The narrator has to be English, and I have no money to pay for an A list actor. I’ll do it myself!

Thoughts on my very loose attempt at the attached link can be left below. I have a thick skin, but it punctures easily.


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