Book Excerpts Cont…

“Tabbycats!” he cursed. Movement within the shop caught his eye and he looked up. The pensioners were out of their seats and creeping slowly toward him, their arms raised and fingers pointing, like wrinkled monsters from a budget horror film. Unnerved by their behaviour, Tarquin backed toward the door. He turned to leave, but the doorknob wouldn’t budge. He pulled back the curtain on the door and there was his uncle, standing outside, holding the doorknob and leering at him. Tarquin tried to force the door, but his uncle held it tight.

Tarquin opened his eyes and looked up into a quartet of smiling faces.
“Uncle Jules!” he exclaimed, recognising the ruddy, jovial face of the man he last met two years ago wearing a bear suit in the Steeple Snoring Tea Rooms. Today, Jules Rigsworth wore a curly black wig streaked with yellow highlights that swayed precariously, attached to his head like a swarm of angry bees. Resting on top of the wig was a very small, plumed hat. Around his neck was the largest Elizabethan ruff Tarquin had ever seen, and his signature goatee was dyed bright orange. Wrapped tightly around his shoulders was a crimson cloak; Dracula had gone all Shakespearian.


An Occasional Series Of Excerpts From My Soon To Be Published Book…

“Aaaaaagh!” he cried, as a hand tapped his ankle forcing him to trip headlong into a clump of bushes. Somebody, or something thing, grabbed his legs and pulled him inside the bush. “Don’t kill me!” he screamed, as he slithered down a wet bank and right into the pinched face of a very, angry Hilary Clinton. Stunned, Tarquin sat up, gawping…….

“I used to collect lead figures and paint them. This is going to sound crazy, but I think we just witnessed the Charge of the Scots Greys down a Houses of Parliament cellar corridor in 1605!”

“As long as they don’t come back,” said Brannan, pulling straw from his beard and stretching his neck…..

Bringing Your Characters To life Through Art

What if, the character or characters, creatures and aliens you create could be seen? What would they look like!

Well, thanks to an extremely talented artist, who I discovered while reading his, and his partners epic blog, is doing just that.

Aaron Ferrara, who co-writes the blogs published by HusbandAndHusband, is the artist. Please, if you do little else today, go and see his artwork on their site.

I know this lady, well, that’s a bit strong….I know this Princess….She’s had a hard life. Her race was annihilated and her family killed in front of her by a race of pillaging aliens. She and her sister were captured. They escaped, but she lost an eye, along with her sister who was recaptured, and now presumed dead. She’s Snow White gone bad.

Changing her name to Georgia Blade. and with her Clurichaun wrecking crew they cruise the galaxies and travel through time, stealing pricelss artefacts, and precious metals in their spacecrafts, Pandora and Prometheus.

Quick Aside – A little know fact about the American War of Independence is, that it was started by a bunch of clurichauns searching for gold within boxes they found on the decks of three ships in Boston Harbour. Finding no gold, they got annoyed and threw the contents of the boxes i.e. tea bricks, into the harbour.

Georgia Blade & her Clurichaun Wrecking Crew

Georgia Blade & her Clurichaun Wrecking Crew

But, all is not lost. She owes a favour to a Director at the British Intergalactic Foreign Service, and will stop at nothing to avenge her family and get back at the aliens who killed her race and stole her planet.

Even the bad girls have a good side….